Dear Community,

We are living in a challenging time, and as artists, activists, and leaders, it is our responsibility to use moments of crisis as a way to come together and move the needle towards progress.

At PTP, we see bravery as the foundation for all we do. After all, our community of immigrant artists, immigrant youth, and youth of color shares a lived experience rooted in courage and resilience. You --our audience, friends, and family-- have bravely shown up for PTP time and again, and we are so grateful.

PTP Families Relief Fund

While we knew that Washington Heights & Inwood have been hit hard by the pandemic, we needed to find out how the families of our PTP Academy students-- PTP's lifeblood-- have been impacted. Through direct outreach, we learned that two dozen of our families are in urgent need of financial assistance. So we are doing what we do best -- organizing and taking action. 

In response, we have established the PTP Families Relief Fund. 100% of proceeds from the Fund will be distributed to families of our PTP Academy students to provide immediate, much needed relief.

We are so grateful for how our community has shown up! You have already raised over $5,000, and our team has already delivered funds to our families in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn!

On Dominican Mother’s day, I had the privilege and honor to drive around to 20 different homes and hand-deliver the funds you all have raised. In moments of such sadness and tragedy, being able to support 20 Black and Brown immigrant families during this time gave me hope and joy. Our families are resilient. They are strong. They are loving, and they are the best parents to our young artists. I am so grateful to our community for making this support possible.

We believe that during this time, more than ever before, our community will be lifted through an abundant mindset, rooted in generosity and mutual support.

In this spirit of abundance, we ask those of you who are able to consider making a gift to the PTP Families Relief Fund today.


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Mino Lora
Founding Executive Director

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