The PTP Company

Groundbreaking Theatre Rooted in Community

Comprised entirely of immigrant artists of color, the PTP Company is a NYC-based touring company, creating original, ensemble-based theatre that amplifies and humanizes the immigrant experience in the United States. As a multigenerational, multidisciplinary company, it questions the systemic, embedded narratives of today and celebrates the art of hope, life, and resistance.

Every PTP Company performance is followed by a facilitated dialogue with the cast and creative team. In these dialogues, audience members discuss the themes presented in the plays and are equipped with resources to help them organize and take action in their own communities.

Through stories and resources, the Company activates immigrant communities to challenge the systemic oppressions present in their communities, to reimagine and build a more equitable world.

The Sol Ensemble

The Sol Ensemble is PTP’s multigenerational, multilingual ensemble for established immigrant theatre artists. The group is midway through the process of devising a trilogy based on the immigrant experience. Las Mariposas (2018) told the stories of mothers and children crossing the US-Mexico border during the 2018 Zero Tolerance Policy and explored the ordeal of arriving in the US. The second piece, Somos Más (2019), explored the “game” of assimilation in a dystopia in which immigrants are forced to abandon their cultures and languages. Amidst this, six immigrants from Chile, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Iran, and Nigeria come together to spark a joyful revolution. The final piece Doña Carmen, which will be devised in Fall 2020, is inspired by the life of octogenarian and PTP Company member Carmen Barbosa and will explore what it means to make a joyful life as an immigrant and as an American.

The Luna Ensemble

The Luna Ensemble is for emerging immigrant theatre artists (ages 17–24). It provides many members with their first artistic job, a professional NYC theatre credit, and pathway to future artistic opportunities. The Luna Ensemble has an artistic mandate to explore pressing contemporary issues for immigrant youth. In its first two years, the ensemble has successfully devised Dear America (2019), which explored immigrant rights and resources in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA); Be Gutsy (2018), which examined the effects of the opioid crisis on immigrant communities; and The Future is Now! (2020), which was ignited by the urgency for immigrant, Latinx, and POC communities to be counted in the 2020 Census. 

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