The PTP Company

Groundbreaking Theatre Rooted in Community

The PTP Company is a multigenerational, multilingual New York City-based touring company, composed entirely of Latinx, Black, and immigrant artists of color and the flagship program of People’s Theatre Project. The PTP Company creates ensemble-based theatre to amplify and humanize the immigrant experience in the United States. Motivated by survival and the desire to restore those who have been dehumanized by dominant racial narratives, the PTP Company celebrates the art of hope, life, and resistance.

The Sol Ensemble

The Sol Ensemble is for established Latinx, Black, and immigrant artists of color. Since its formation in 2018, the Sol Ensemble has been creating a three-part, devised epic that explores the immigrant experience in the US. Las Mariposas (2018) focused on the plight of immigrant mothers and children under the 2018 zero tolerance policy. Somos Más (2019) followed six immigrants who have arrived in a dystopian nation where assimilation is required. They unite and spark a joyful revolution. The final play Doña Mañana, to be devised in Summer and Fall 2021, takes place in the not-so-distant future where the immigrants from Somos Más have successfully brought liberation to the Nation, their formerly dystopic home, and Doña Mañana is the first Afro-Latina head of state. Through magical realism, it explores the struggles and successes of working to dismantle systems of oppression from within. 

The Luna Ensemble

The Luna Ensemble is for emerging immigrant theatre artists (ages 17–24). It provides many members with their first artistic job, a professional NYC theatre credit, and pathway to future artistic opportunities. The Luna Ensemble has an artistic mandate to explore pressing contemporary issues for immigrant youth. In its first two years, the ensemble has successfully devised Dear America (2019), which explored immigrant rights and resources in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA); Be Gutsy (2018), which examined the effects of the opioid crisis on immigrant communities; and The Future is Now! (2020), which was ignited by the urgency for immigrant, Latinx, and POC communities to be counted in the 2020 Census. 

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