The PTP Company

Groundbreaking Theatre Rooted in Community

The PTP Company is a multigenerational, multilingual New York City-based touring company, composed entirely of Latinx, Black, and immigrant artists of color. The PTP Company creates ensemble-based theatre to amplify and humanize the immigrant experience in the United States. Motivated by survival and the desire to restore those who have been dehumanized by dominant racial narratives, the PTP Company celebrates the art of hope, life, and resistance.

Devising Process

We believe that immigrant stories should be told by immigrants themselves. Devised, ensemble-based theatre best allows for our stories to be told with authenticity and truth. It allows for our bodies, voices, cultures, languages, and accents to be center stage without translation or apology.  

The PTP Company creates using the PTP Methodology, an eight-stage devising journey that guides the creation of all our plays. Through this process, the artists draw from their inner source of power and cultural history to imagine a future beyond systemic and internalized oppression.

Production History

Since its formation, the PTP Company has been creating a theatrical trilogy that explores the immigrant experience in the United States. Las Mariposas (2018) focuses on the journey of immigrant mothers and children. Somos Más (2019) tells the story of immigrants who spark a joyful revolution amidst a dystopia where assimilation is required. Doña Mañana (2021) imagines a future where the immigrants from Somos Más have brought liberation to their home.

These productions have toured across NYC to The Riverside Church, Pregones/PRTT, The Whitney Museum, Queens Museum, New York Theatre Workshop, and the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.

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