Producing Immigrant Theatre

We are dedicated to creating and producing original theatre by immigrant artists of color that celebrate hope, life, and resistance. Our professional artists, hailing from diverse backgrounds including the Dominican Republic, Chile, China, Colombia, Mexico, Greece, Iran, Nigeria, South Korea, and Uganda, draw from their unique experiences to create theatre that speak to the immigrant journey, challenging stereotypes and amplifying underrepresented voices.

People’s Theatre Project is in a period of tremendous growth as we prepare to open the first cultural center in NYC dedicated to the immigrant experience. Our goal, when the center opens for the 2026–2027 Season, is to be producing a vibrant season of full productions, workshop productions, staged readings, and community productions.

Join us on this transformative journey where theatre becomes a vessel for change, celebrating the voices of immigrants and people of color while building bridges of unity and hope.

Producing World Premieres

In 2023, PTP produced the world premiere of The Diamond by Christin Eve Cato, its first full-scale production. The Diamond built upon a four year development process addressing the arc of the immigrant experience—from journey to assimilation (or lack thereof) to a liberated future. Las Mariposas (2018) focused on the plight of Latiné mothers and children. Somos Más (2019) told the story of six immigrants who have arrived in a dystopian nation where assimilation is required. These immigrants unite and spark a joyful revolution. Doña Mañana (2021) imagined a not-so-distant future where the immigrants from Somos Más, led by the first Afro-Latina president, have successfully brought liberation to their formerly dystopic home.

Devising New Work

Through our groundbreaking PTP Methodology, we embark on an eight-stage devising journey, allowing our ensemble members to tap into their inner source of power and cultural history. The result is original theatrical work that serves as a "living document," adapting to the unique voices and experiences of each performance. Our devised plays, often multilingual, not only tell powerful stories but also invite our audiences to discover their own sources of power, cultural identity, and dreams of a more equitable world.

Investing in Immigrant Playwrights

As part of our commitment to nurturing immigrant voices, we're supporting the development of new plays by immigrant playwrights. This initiative ensures that immigrant perspectives continue to shape the theatrical landscape. We're dedicated to bringing these stories to life, from staged readings to full productions, celebrating the rich tapestry of immigrant experiences within our vibrant community.

Workshops & Trainings

We believe in sharing our creative process with the community. Our workshops open doors for adults of all backgrounds and abilities to experience the transformative power of theatre. These workshops culminate in sharings, allowing participants to showcase their newfound talents and engage with friends, family, and the public. Our goal is to empower more individuals to use theatre as a tool for self-expression and social change.

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